When living and working overseas guardianship is an important aspect of your family protection plan to consider. Temporary guardianship documentation or a Will iare documets  which allows someone to look after your children if you are unable to in the interim period until permanent guardians can come in and take over. There are three types of documentation…

1) A civil agreement.

It is important to know that this is not a legal document, however there is still a need to have at least this as a minimum form of documentation in place to protect your family if the worst should happen. This document can be done free of charge.  The only cost to you would be to get it legally translated into Arabic at your local typing center.We have never heard of a case where this hasn’t been accepted, however it is at parents discretion as to if they want to make this document. We strongly suggest that in order for you to have complete coverage you need to at least register your document at the Local Court (for example, Dubai Courts, Abu Dhabi Courts, etc).

2) A legalised document through the Courts system.

The process of making the temporary guardianship document a legal agreement costs around 3,000 AED to appoint one set of guardians through the courts system. We can refer you to a local lawyer who can draft this document and proceed to local Court and Notary Public.

3) A legalized document through the DIFC Court system.

The recent developments in the DIFC mean that the process of appointing guardians has become a lot easier for non-Muslim expats who live here in Dubai. The process of appointing temporary guardians in a stand-alone document costs around 7,000 AED. To get this document drafted is around 2,000 AED and to get it registered within the DIFC costs around 5,000 AED. You may consider going through the DIFC court system as opposed to the Dubai court systems as within the DIFC there is something called a president case.  We can refer you to a local lawyer that can draft and register such document.

The most important part of the guardianship process is how you distribute this document once completed, regardless of which process you choose. The idea behind this document is for it to be physically presented by the guardians nominated if an emergency situation were to occur. Therefore it’s important to give physical copies to all guardians nominated, a copy to the nursery/school your child/children attend and also to the HR of the company that sponsors your visa as they would be the first ones to find out if something were to happen.